All our works, private or public, are subject to rigorous monitoring by our technical team in order to ensure the meticulous length of the project.

Ribeiro da silva has a class 5 license which allows it to carry out works up to €2,656.000

Civil Construction

If there is no project, we will execute it. If so, we work closely with your architect. Ribeiro da Silva’s team is qualified in all the services it performs, thus ensuring the ability to respond to the desired results. We work closely and in collaboration, our goal is customer satisfaction.

Reconstruction or Remodeling

The renovations are closely related to increasing the comfort of the spaces we use, whether residential or commercial. From the work of the facades, to thermal and acoustic insulation to finishing, we have qualified technical teams to provide you with the comfort you are looking for.

Building Restoration and Rehabilitation

We respect the identity of each property, and the history that it comprises, therefore, our team works with full commitment to its preservation.

Turnkey Construction

If your goal is to be relaxed while we build your property, don’t worry, we are the right company. Always keeping your budget in mind, together with our architect partners, we propose a customized solution with the design of your dreams. With our knowledge and specialized team we find the best Quality / Price ratio for your life project.









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